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10 ways to prepare for a market crash or disaster

To prep or not to prep? That is the question.


Well... let me first say that you are DEFINITELY smart enough if you are here reading this article but if you are lacking in preparation, read this in its ENTIRETY.

There is a community of individuals called Preppers who have been getting prepared for this crash since the last one 9 years ago.

Many have called them crazy and they are now laughing PROUDLY because everyone who was convinced they were crazy is now asking them for their advice.

There are levels to prep but the MAIN concern should be how you can take what you have and make it grow to outlive the destruction to come.

First things first… don’t go at it alone because you put yourself in a vulnerable position. You become a target for government programs that are not meant for long term growth.

Ever since The Wealth Standard Seminars were initiated, Chris Cole has given enough knowledge to give you an understanding of where you should focus your attention.

He teaches that in order to remain in a growth state, your dollars MUST increase at the same pace as inflation, which is 3% per year.

You may work an honest job, and that’s ok, but you must understand that if you are not receiving a raise of at least 3% per year, you are becoming poorer every year.

So what should you do?

Well, let’s just say that one thing you should NOT do is leave your savings in the bank.

“Well if I leave my savings I receive interest every year”.

If only you could see my face… Again, if it’s not growing by at least 3% a year, you are becoming poorer every year due to inflation.

This is why I say do not go at this alone because it is not easy to learn and you will waste time figuring this out by yourself.

You MUST be cognitively aware so that you are able to take in knowledge at an impeccable rate. Your health is your BEST investment because without it, you become victim to the circumstance.

“To be more productive, you must be more disciplined”.

- Chris Cole

Good health will help allow you to take in information at the speed required to be successful in the acquisition of your new skills.

New skills???

Absolutely! You should want a skill that allows you to MAKE money from what’s to come.

The market allows you to make money in both up and down and this is a skill that will last you for a lifetime. The Stock Market Intensive Class allows you to gain knowledge at a fast pace so that you are able to potentially make a return as quickly as you’re able to apply the knowledge.

BUT there are many ways that you can be prepared for an impending crash.

Many include things that you can do right now so that you can convert your cash into ASSETS that are as inexpensive as a pack of SEEDS or a can of goods.

Download the free market crash checklist with the top 10 things you should have in your possession. Print it out and check items off as you acquire them OR see how prepared you already are!

Disaster 10 point checklist
Download PDF • 3.42MB

Have you already started preparing for this crash? Don’t be shy! Talk to us in the comments. Thousands of people would love to know your thoughts! Adios!

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Erin Autecia
Erin Autecia
Oct 14, 2020

Great read! Definitely need to add some things to my personal checklist. TWS has been a grand investment in getting my mindset sharp as well as teaching lifelong skills for whatever is to become of this year & beyond. Much gratitude.



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