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19 Stock picks your future self will love you for when the market crashes

When Chris Cole says the sky is falling, you best believe he’s coming through with the instructions to get to the necessary shelter.

No Chicken Littles in this camp!

Yesterday [10/6/2020], Donald Trump announced that there would be no more talk about the stimulus bill until he gets elected into office. He pretty much asked the country if they are willing to do something strange for some change [lol]

In response to that, the market dropped over 80 points in a matter of minutes, and an additional 20-30 points after market close.

He then came back and made an announcement that he is willing to sign and issue checks immediately IF he is sent a Stand-Alone Bill for the stimulus checks. Resolutions to problems in the country normally create a correction in the market.

Seems intentional, right?

Although there are more up days in the S&P 500 than down days, you are able to capture a nice amount of income on either side of the market, if you are skilled enough to do so.

In the webinar dated 10/06/2020, Chris Cole gave very valuable information about the top 19 market picks from the past 30 years.

If you would have invested only $1900, right now your investment would total over $1.3 MILLION dollars.

That’s just a sitting $1900 earning money without being touched.

19 stock picks from the last 30 years that would have turned $1900 to over $1.3 million. Image via webinar by Chris Cole.
19 stock picks from past 30 years that would have turned $1900 to over $1.3 million. Image via webinar by Chris Cole.

Now calculate how much your bank would have paid you over the past 30 years for letting $1900 sit in your bank account… EXACTLY!

Well, now we are in a position to be able to set our future selves up for the same type of return (possibly greater) as the market begins to prepare for a crash.

If you are in the 2-week intensive class or enrolled in the gold membership, you know a crash is when the market falls by 35% or more.

The most popular companies can see a decline of 45-85% individually. Why? Because they are normally overvalued and prop up a huge part of the market.

In the webinar, we were given 3 stock pick freebies that are currently UNDERVALUED and we were shown how they are currently priced vs how much they are actually worth by way of an options software that contains a formulated spreadsheet which Chris uses for his clients.

He uses his formula to give his clients an understanding of how their stock picks are ACTUALLY performing vs how they believe they are performing.

According to Chris, a lot of his clients were convinced in the past to purchase stocks that are normally OVERVALUED. This is why being in one of Chris’ classes is important because you can be saved from purchasing stocks that are not as valuable as you may think.

Unfortunately, if you were unable to attend the webinar, you missed those stock freebies BUT I will give you ONE of the 3 he shared. You will have to join the 2 Week intensive course for the remaining 18 stocks he sees value in.

One of the stocks he shared is a popular company called AT&T. As of this evening [10/06/2020] it is trading at $28.79 but it is actually worth $45.84.

This means it is undervalued by over 35%. If this is the kind of value you can receive for free, imagine the ROI you get when you invest.

See the other stock picks HERE.

Chris also broke down what the masses would do vs what the knowledgeable would do when dips in the market occur. He then outlined the results of both sides and lets just say that being apart of the masses is the "least likely to succeed" way to go.

I’m sure you could’ve guessed that because by simply getting this far in this blog post, you have proven that you are far from being one of the masses and you have interest in being, or are already, on the side of the knowledgeable group.

At the end of the webinar, 19 Keys came in to give some pointers on things to focus on in 2021 when it comes to creating your business plan.

One of the points was to create a subscription model for your business so that you are able to have a consistent income from your customers.

This also means that you must provide monthly value to your customers so that they feel the subscription is worth their money.

One subscription model I stand behind is the gold membership here on this site.

It offers a ton of value and you are able to learn how to gain access to up to $250,000 in OPM [other people’s money] for an amount that is worth the investment.

This is life-changing information and all it takes is for you to act on the knowledge given.

If you are currently apart of the Gold membership or in the 2-week intensive class, tell the world what your FAVORITE PART out of everything!

Chris is watching FYI :) YALL BETTER SHOW OUT ONE TIME! [lol]


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