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Beginners Guide to Buying Gold (and other precious metals)

If you would have purchased Gold when the song “All Gold Everything” by Trinidad James came out (October 16, 2012), you would have purchased at a terrible time.

Chart of gold performance (XAUUSD)
October peak at purple and red cross

At the time, gold was near an all time high at $1723.30/oz. Soon after that anthem came out, the market began to tank until prices reset all the way to $1061.71/oz. in Jan 2016.

Talk about terrible timing. But the thing about gold and precious metals is that it will ALWAYS hold a value on any part of the Earth.

Gold and precious metals fall into the category of commodities.

These are raw materials and assets that are always in demand because they are required for the production of other assets.

Precious metals are also used as a hedge on the dollar so that in the event of a crash, the asset can be exchanged for any currency in the world.

This is why it is important for you to have at least 5-20% of your investment portfolio in gold (whatever feels the most comfortable to you). You can decide the percentage based on what other avenues you have for investing.

What's inside!

Inside this guide, you will find:

  1. Calculate your gold's value based on the fineness of karat you own or plan to purchase

  2. How to purchase gold AND make money doing it

  3. How to understand gold spot price and silver spot price

  4. The best purchase strategy

  5. Where you should store your gold

  6. Where to get a credit line to buy gold

  7. Increase your credit score by purchasing gold

  8. The top 5 reasons why buying gold and precious metals is important

  9. The difference between the types of gold and silver bullion


To get it, just exchange your best email address and you will get the guide directly to your inbox.

Let me know in the comments how you like the guide! Thank you all for your continued support


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