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Cognitive Dissonance. You know its wrong, yet you do it anyway. Trigger warning!

Disclaimer: This post is mainly about accountability so read it through, even if you feel triggered lol


"WTF? Nah... that makes NO sense..."

I was in absolute amazement. I mean, a complete state of shock when I witnessed a recent case of cognitive dissonance.

And normally that's what it looks like from the outside in. You just sit there watching, looking stuck, trying not to judge.

But what happens on the inside when you are having MAJOR cognitive dissonance?

I'm sure you have had multiple cases of C.D., as we all have. So its nothing to feel alone in but managing it is key.

According to the dictionary aka Google, C.D. is the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change.

Ok, so how does this look in trading...?

Remember that trap day blog post? If not, click here.

So its trap day, right...? YOU KNOW that there are 2 days that are historically trash days to trade.

You know this BUT you still hop into trades and expect full range runs. Come on, let's face it... your technical analysis far exceeds the historical data [sarcasm detected].

You hop in 3, maybe 5, contracts deep on a FRIDAY... during non-farm payroll... no hedge... straight directional. (SN: if none of that makes sense, and you're not already apart of the group, join here)

Based on your analysis, things are going well, you're halfway to your target, and you're up a decent amount in profit.

"take your money and run...", says the whisper in your head.

Do you listen? OF COURSE NOT!

Your need to be right takes over your newfound knowledge and you try to convince yourself, and maybe others around you, why your WRONG is right.

Now guess what? All that profit? It's a loss now and you just keeeep telling yourself "it'll turn back around in a second..." [stop filled]

No... It's not about to turn around and you just LOST money because that whisper from your higher self, should have slapped you.

Who raised you? Just kidding...

It's so common and it's manageable when you have a person who is willing to hold you accountable for you. But keep in mind, it's no one's JOB to do that, so if someone is willing to hold you accountable, value that person and keep them close.

Being held accountable is very important, especially in this industry. You can go into a downward spiral very quickly and have a tough time getting out alone.

Your losses may outweigh your wins. You may make VERY bad decisions in the market. You may feel like the decisions you make are not very good and this may cause you to create a barrier to taking risks.

Losses may also make you feel like you're just not understanding the skill but what you might be forgetting is that everyone goes through a difficult stage.

Accountability doesn't feel good all the time either. Especially when it interrupts what you THINK is the right direction. Sometimes we look so far into the future that the present mistakes become invisible.

Accountability comes from a place of love and care and if you are not able to accept love, you may not be able to receive the accountability you need.

It really comes down to being BRUTALLY honest with yourself.

Cognitive dissonance is an emotional response to NOT wanting to change or NOT wanting to do what you said you would do. Especially if it requires you to step outside of your level of comfort.

This conflict from your mind is a response to survival.

Subconsciously you have created a comfort zone and this comfort zone may only allow you to invite certain people, information, opportunities, income levels, etc into your paradigm.

Most people tell you to get OUT of your comfort zone but that would not be the answer either. Your comfort zone was made to protect you and allow you to have a barrier of entry or boundaries.

You need to EXPAND your comfort zone.

This Friday we are going to begin a 10-day comfort zone expansion. That way by the time the next 2-week intensive course is complete, you would have a new level of vision that you can tap into.

I would love for you to join me. I will post it daily right here on the blog.

Let me know in the comments if you plan to expand your comfort zone for 10 days straight!

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Kerrian Lawrence
Kerrian Lawrence
16 de set. de 2020

I’m down Nicole, cognitive dissonance be gone !! Lol



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