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Expand Your Comfort Zone: Day 4 - Building Mindfulness

Build mindfulness by trying the candle/T&S exercise, engaging in the 5 senses, and completing a body scan meditation. Need to catch up? Check out Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3.


You ever have a difficult time doing the same thing you always do? And instead of remaining in the present moment, you do all you can to take your mind off that moment?

Let me be the first to admit that today I am distracted! So its actually great that I am talking about being mindful today lol

When you learn how to trade, you realize that you are normally taught how to predict what will happen in the future based on what's already happened in the past.

The time and sales monitor is where you see the present moment transactions. If you are not aware of what the time and sales monitor is, Join the Gold Membership so that you can see each transaction that structures the candles.

Since today is more about mindfulness exercises to stay in the present moment than literary content, let me just describe the exercises so you can try them out.

What does Chris always say:

The market is only moving in 2 directions: up and down.

The candle/T&S (time and sales) exercise:

When you begin to learn how the time and sales works, you eventually find yourself staring at it for odd amounts of time. Instead of just looking at it, say out loud what it's doing. For instance, if you are just looking at the numbers, say out loud if the numbers are going up or down. If you are looking at the colors, say out loud what action the color represents on the Super DOM.

If you have no idea what that means, go check out a chart and say out loud what the candle is doing. Is it going up or down? You will eventually find yourself only paying attention to what is going on in that present moment and not trying to predict the future of what will happen.

Engaging in the 5 senses exercise

This one is pretty common but it works. What 5 things can you see? Try to find things that you wouldn't normally look at. Maybe the rim of your smoke alarm or the slit in the screw on the electrical outlet.

What 4 things can you feel right now? Feel for the odd things. Yes, you have on clothes (or do you?) but how heavy do they feel? Or how do your eyelashes feel right now? Mine feel a little out of order for some odd reason lol [adjusts lashes]

What can you hear? Listen hard for inflections in sounds that you never really paid attention to. For example, if your computer fan starts, does it remain consistent in sound, or does the sound change?

Now list 2 things you can smell? Take a deep breath through your nose. Do you smell that?

Finally, what do you taste? Run your tongue across that tartar on your teeth lol

Anyway, you get the point of the exercise. Use this as a way to decrease your anxiety and to bring you back to the present moment when you feel like you need to be grounded.

Complete a body scan meditation

How often do you listen and pay full attention to your body?

Find a comfortable spot and lay flat on your back to carry out a body scan.

You can’t allow your arms to hang loosely by your side, with your palms up, and your feet just slightly apart. Lie still and allow yourself to sink into the awareness of your body.

You will start by paying attention to the rhythm of your breath. You don’t need to alter your breathing, just notice it. Now, pay attention to how your clothing feels against your skin, the surface that is touching your body, the environment that you’re in, and the temperature of the room.

Allow your awareness to shift to any area of your body that feels particularly light, heavy, or tingly. Noticed the parts of your body feeling nothing or feeling everything.

Typically, a body scan begins at the tips of your toes and moves to the top of your head. You can focus on each area, in turn, paying attention to how it feels. Once you’ve done this you can slowly bring your focus back to the room, opening your eyes, and moving to a sitting position.

That's it for today. Are you going to try all of them? If not, which one do you think will serve you best in staying in the present moment?



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