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Expand Your Comfort Zone: Day 7 - Building Grit.

Build grit by defining what grit means, reading stories of grit, and through finding passion. Check out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, and Day 6.


This will seem totally unrelated but what's your favorite movie?

If you don't already know why I'm asking that, I will let you know in a moment but think about your favorite movie.

My favorite USED TO BE Waiting to Exhale but is currently the entire Harry Potter collection. I could literally sit all day and watch a full marathon. I know this because I have done this. All I need is enough food to last for the day, a blanket, my phone, and no commercials.

Today we talk about Building grit and the first point is to define what grit means. Just google it real quick. Here let me make it easy for you: Click to see several definitions of grit, defined by several people who we really don't know on google :)

Simply put, grit means the ability to persevere with passion towards a long term goal.

This brings me to point 2 of building grit and that's reading stories of grit.

In the 2-week intensive course, Chris has us read several books, one being Trading in the Zone. This book gives you a true breakdown of how to obtain grit in the market.

But let's just be honest, you either have grit or you don't.

Grit is something that you have instilled in you from early on in your life. Yes, you are able to build it, however, in the process of becoming gritty [would that be the right colloquialism? sounds dirty lol] you will have several "breakthroughs" you have to go through in order to truly become it.

Let's go back to your favorite movie. If you have ever seen Harry Potter, you realize that Harry is considered "the chosen one". Throughout the entire movie series, Harry had to deal with quite a bit of up and downs, just because of his "chosen one" status. He displayed grit throughout the entire movie.

If you look at the movie you chose, are there areas in the movie that display grit?

If so, you are someone who has it in you already, and its time to focus on applying it to your trading career.

If not, it's probably not in you naturally because, according to multiple psychology tests, you usually relate, in some way, to the main character of your favorite movie.

Now, am I saying I'm the chosen one?

I didn't create the tests lol but I will say this about me: I always receive a beautiful amount of favor and people tend to dislike me for it. But we won't even go into detail, yall. I have stories for DAYSSSSS. Some hater probably rolling their eyes right now IF they are reading this lol but I digress.

Now if your movie doesn't directly display grit, That's ok... watch "The Big Short". Chris made us watch this in the 2-week intensive class.

There are several main characters but the MAIN main is the character named Michael Burry. He had a passion for reading. That was his secret weapon. His ability to persevere through a long-term goal came from the knowledge he gained from his passion for reading.

He was called crazy. He was "taken advantage of". He was verbally abused and his clients wanted to separate themselves from him. Yet, none of that made him go against what he KNEW would happen: the worst housing crisis of our time in 2007-2008.

After learning a bit about the market, this movie MIGHT become your favorite because you end up having a desire to find the next major crisis. Why?

Well, because you are in a position to win no matter what. If you use GRIT to take advantage of the market and PAY YOURSELF AS THE MARKET MAKES MONEY AVAILABLE TO YOU [traders creed], you do exactly that.

Now to the last point of building grit and that's finding passion. What passion do you have that can ultimately be used in this skill? Even painting could be used to create winning scenarios in this skill.

Break down your passion to its most basic fundamentals and you will see how you can relate it to trading in the market.

So I'm curious, what's your favorite movie? And don't try to change it at the last minute now that you know why I asked lol



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