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Expand Your Comfort Zone: Day 8 - Building Enthusiasm.

Build enthusiasm by shedding victim mentality, through simulation, and by having a PLAN. Need to catch up? Check out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4,Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7


Alright... we have established that in order to get through feelings of victim mentality through self-compassion, you must allow yourself to mourn those crazy thoughts that drown your true birthright of success.

Your income barriers, your lack of planning, your lack of imagination, your lack of enthusiasm about your future, and whatever else could be causing you to be "less than" what you really want to be in life, it's your fault. AND YOUR DECISION!

The steps you skip will trip you up in the end and the hardest steps to take include the ones that require you to self destruct. If you have to change, you have to destroy.

In order for you to build enthusiasm about what you do in life, nothing can compare to what you have your heart and mind set on and NOTHING can distract or waiver you from WHAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO!

Not a person, not a conflicting thought, not a perceived lack of resources, and definitely not a lack of planning.

The WHY has to make so much sense and be so set in stone that if you decide AGAINST your why, you MUST know that destruction is soon to come right after.

How is that?

Here is how I see it: once you make a declaration strong enough to get the spiritual forces to work in your favor, you must also understand that the things that come your way that does not guide you to what you ORIGINALLY asked for, are to be considered WRONG TURNS. Just like in using a GPS.


It doesn't make a difference. To decide is to declare a destination and to change your mind is to change your direction. Everything in association with the original idea may have to be completely destroyed in order for you to receive what comes with your NEW decision.

So don't be surprised if everything you have built is destroyed just based on the decision to change your mind.

This is why the point of making a plan is KEY to building enthusiasm about your life path.

WHY did you decide to trade? Is that why big enough to create scenarios to get you those income goals you have in your mind? If not, you will need to add DEPTH to your plan.

You could have a plan to make enough money in trading so that you can take care of your family and not have to work. Ok... well if all it takes for you to do that is $2500 a month, then that's probably what you will receive.

You get what is in alignment with what you DECIDE!

Explore the things that bring you ENTHUSIASM about life in general. If having money to change your ENTIRE community makes you enthusiastic, add that to your plan. If traveling in luxury makes you enthusiastic about life, add that to your plan.

The goal is to get soooo far away from being the victim, that we create a lifestyle that makes our old self BARELY RECOGNIZABLE, as Lisa Nichols would say.

The best way to build enthusiasm is to VISUALIZE what it is that you want in your life.

Remember the tips that I gave you on day 6 and day 4 on becoming calm and mindful? Use those tips to bring you to a place of peace.

Then, pretend you already have the life you want because technically you do. You are in the circle of individuals who have the lifestyle you probably want, so technically, its as if you JUST walked in the door of your FAVORITE activity.

When you arrive at something you love to do, you aren't instantly ready to have the full experience, are you? No. You want to find a way to make it last for a while.

Don't rush to the end of your visualization. Experience the feeling of JUST GETTING THERE! That's the enthusiasm that you are looking for. The excitement of JUST getting to the destination of your ultimate plan.

But think about how you drive. The "getting there" is the MIDDLE of the travel. The drive there can go smoothly or you can have a tough time getting there which ultimately destroys the experience you have when you get to your destination.

So you have to ultimately create in your plan how your travel to your destination will go. When I travel long distances, I have a whole playlist. Music finna be POPPIN... SNACKS... the ride there will be JOYFUL because I know that when I get to where I am going, I want to arrive in good spirits.

So, arrive where you want to be in good spirits by showing enthusiasm now!

What makes you enthusiastic? Have you finalized your WHY and do you think that you might need to expand your plan?


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