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It's time to prove your market preparedness!

If you are worried about this presidential election, you are not prepared.

However, if you have been apart of The Wealth Standard, The Two Week Intensive Course, The Options Crash Course, The Options for Income Course, and taking your supplements for optimal brain power, YOU ARE READY FOR THIS.

This is what we have been preparing for.

The art of divisiveness is only ONE of the several tactics used in war. To divide the collective so that there are many smaller groups to conquer, opposed to one large army.

Our power is the ABILITY to thrive in ANY situation that is manifested in this country. Now you have been called to show yourself, your family, and your fellow community members what you are made of.

Are you as ready as you should be? Have you been doing the work? Is this REALLY the life you want to have?

You are in a great position to succeed no matter what the outcome of this election. You are in a position to be the change you wish to see in this country.

You are in a position to govern yourself and I understand the sentiment of wanting to do what's right for all citizens of the country. That's completely impossible.

Only those prepared for this are made to win from this situation. If you seek to assist those who may not be in the position you are in, as I said earlier, BE the change!

Do you remember your why? Is your comfort zone expanded wide enough for you to receive the prosperity you deserve?

Take the time to revisit the 10 steps you should follow to expand your comfort zone. Click each step to dive deep. Each step will open a new page so that you can come back to easily access this page.




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