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Student Results


Yasmeen Smith

This class was awesome!!  I have learned a lot more than I imagined and this class has opened up a new avenue for me to create generational wealth.  I appreciated how you broke things down for beginners like myself and made everything relatable.  I still have so much to learn but I know that process and consistency is key.  I have longed to find an affordable course that I would actually gain some knowledge from and you made that possible.  I’m truly looking forward to building my knowledge so that I can pass it down to my children.


Robert Ard

I have taken trading courses before but by far Chris’s course on Bond Trading is the best. He goes over the history and background of Bonds, so you get a better understanding of why it is the best market to trade. He is more concerned about his students learning the psychology behind trading and being process-oriented then teaching a strategy just to make profits in the market. 

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Rick Montano 

This course has addressed 3 things for me: Understanding the stock market in a realistic and approachable way, a systematic approaches to mitigate risk and shedding light on potential limiting beliefs and temperament around money. I own two businesses that are brick and mortar, one bootstrapped and the other an investment. I have been putting in 80 hrs a week for well over a decade to build self sustainability. It's time for a change. This course has allowed me an opportunity to diversify my income and build off of a strong foundation without taking time from my other consuming priorities. This will ultimately allow me more freedom to spend more time around the things I love.  

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