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How to flip CASH MONEY! Make money like the banks and catch the next BIG MONEY WAVE

How do you see your cash?

Do you see it as an asset? Do you equate it with wealth? Do you believe that cash is safe in your savings account or any other interest yielding account?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you need to join The Market Keys: Gold membership right now and unlearn what you have been taught.

One of the first things Chris Cole will teach you is that "cash is TRASH"!

In the Wealth Standard seminar dated August 2, 2020, Chris went over the impending market crash and how to turn $190 to over $22,000 in one trade!

As you can imagine, the whole class went crazy! If you have been wondering how to make money in a stock market crash or how to survive a market crash, this definitely is a great way to start OR pivot.

The trade was a long term return but I have no clue of any bank account, mutual fund, or anything that offers interest that gives $190 a 11478.9% increase. Not ONE! Can you see why it’s very important to upgrade your skill set?

“I look at my bank account like ‘where can my children make me some money today?' ” - 19 Keys

If you are familiar with how an inverted yield curve operates, you understand that a major change in the market will occur in 12-18 months from the time it inverts. The yield curve inverted in January 2020, which means that we have until December to increase our skill set so that we can make the best moves for our legacy.

19 Keys made the point that he looks at his money like children *haha

This is funny but if you think about what the financial system is set up to do and how the major players in the market are winning, your money was never created to just sit around. Your most productive children are not just sitting around. They are making themselves useful!

This is how your money HAS TO move. Each dollar has a serial number. Look at that serial number as a social security number and its INCOME TAX TIME lol

Each one of those kids you claim on your taxes (even though you can only legally claim but so many but let's pretend it’s unlimited) has the potential to increase your return by hundreds or thousands of dollars.

If you knew that each one of your children had that type of value, wouldn't you do what's necessary to make sure you file that tax return? YES! Well dammit, this is the same thing, except its up to YOU to educate yourself on how this all works by at least joining The Market Keys Class.

I know that in times like these, it's difficult to part with your money. I get it. There can be an emotional attachment to your money.

Perhaps you recently lost your job. Perhaps you are buried in debt. Perhaps you had a bad experience in the past that gives you anxiety when you think of investing.

Well, let me be the first to tell you that 100% understand. I had soooooo many obstacles to get AND KEEP money but I did only 4 things to really get to the bottom of my money issues.

That’s why I made a free guide to clearing the emotional obstacles that are blocking you from your desired income. Download it here. You will have access to all free downloads once you create a log in.

Also, be sure that you get to a clear state of thought. That was one of my MAIN obstacles!

My lack of focus kept me from gaining the level of mastery that I desired. This is why I can co-sign products like Smart Moss and Goldewater as amazing products to help increase cognitive activity.

This is only a small step to major rewards.

So, how are you preparing for this crash? Sound off in the comments below so that the thousands of visitors to this site can learn from your testimony. Ciao!



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