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What if China just...? | A Crypto Conspiracy

This info is to be taken lightly and is for entertainment purposes only. Technical analysis overrides everything talked about in this article. This was written Sunday 1/10/2021 and nothing has been updated in this write up since then. So anything that may have happened since 1/10/2021 was not included. Enjoy! Join to learn more about crypto


I loooove a great conspiracy. Its literally like playing a mystery game or watching a great psychological thriller to me!

So for my bday (1/11), I made one lol

China could somehow cause a massive crypto crash.

Ok... Get into my head real quick!

I could be 100% wrong about this but this was fun for me to look up since I love mystery games. I have limited proof about everything so consider this political fiction, ok?

Why am I excited to share this? lol

So this trip down this rabbit hole started at the fact that China mines 66% of crypto, which IMMEDIATELY took me to thinking about Donald Trump's relationship with Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China, and then my mind went to the fact he lost this election.

Stick a pin in this... We gotta go around the merry go round to get back to this point.

"If I don't win the election, China will own the United States. You're going to have to learn to speak Chinese, you want to know the truth." - Donald Trump

The reason they do most of the mining is because electricity is cheap out there but what isn't cheap out there, to be honest? This is also why they manufacture pretty much everything, including mining equipment.

The mining farms are CURRENTLY in trouble because they cant pay their high electric bills. Seems crazy since they generate MILLIONS of Chinese RMB in this industry.

The thing is that the farms cant liquidate the tokens they mine, which is pretty insane.

Why? A couple reasons.

The ability to exchange crypto is difficult in China with a lack of OTC exchange options AND their accounts are being frozen to crack down on the possibility of money laundering and telecommunication fraud.

You might read that and wonder why they don't just exchange it in a different currency and exchange that currency for RMB. Its just too expensive and they are in the business to MAKE money. Especially if they have to go through all this. Might as well be worth the money they cant even touch smh

BUT WAIT.... There's more!

China is experiencing an energy SHORTAGE because of the issues its having with Australia in relation to coal. China denies this is the cause but you already know how China is, yall... They keep things under wraps like a neo soul sistah with a background in holistic healing!

This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't about 74% of miners, that we know of, experiencing this issue.

But apparently this info was "misreported". Its not that they CANT pay the bill, they are just having issues with paying it *rolls eyes*

When I saw that all I could think about was those broke days where my parents had to be creative with the light bill company on why they needed to let us keep the lights on lol

Well, apparently frozen accounts have happened on several occasions, which makes me think of how PayPal puts a strong hold on small businesses and their funds, except this is worse because its the actual bank.

Buying and selling crypto is illegal in China but mining it isn't.

You would think that just moving the companies out of China would also be a solution BUT its China... The place where the government can take over your business no matter how you feel about it, trap you in the country based on your social decisions, and billionaires can go missing.

In other words, it is what it is!

But ITS BUSINESS! I'm sure the companies will figure something out but it makes you think about how its totally possible to destroy the crypto industry with pretty much a flip of a switch.

With that said, China is run by a President that is the President until the day that man dies!

Donald Trump made a "joke" saying he wanted the deal that Xi Jinping has so he can be our president forever. And leave it up to loophole Donny to find a way to make it happen.

Trump has been in contact with China very frequently since the trade deal was such a major issue in getting settled.

It was said in multiple articles that the meetings with Trump and Jinping were very cringey, for a lack of a better word. Just embarrassing lol the dictatorial behaviors he would seem to show approval of, the lack of concern about human rights, etc (which was later "debunked" by the administration *rolls eyes*)

It was ALSO said that Trump asked Jinping to help him win the election. How would that work out? I have no idea but if its true, you already know quid pro quo would have to be a topic of discussion as well.

What could you possibly offer a person who could help you win an election and for a lifetime? Lets go back to that quote we stuck a pin in earlier.

China is definitely in position to take over a planet lol look at how much money we owe in relation to how much we make right now... over 100% public debt to GDP ratio (as of 1/10/2021 @ 10:15 PM EST) and over 126% external debt to GDP ratio.

China is at 53.6% public debt to GDP ratio and 12.77% external debt to GDP ratio.

Plus, they make everything and they are colonized everywhere with their own roads, infrastructure and everything. Chinatowns are in practically all countries.

Let's play with the idea that Donny really did put us in a sticky situation with China based on whether he wins or not.

What if the election really was rigged BY CHINA so that they could have WORLD DOMINATION???

If it were me, I would crash crypto first as a diversion to the real plan. Why?

That's where all the eyes are already. That's where everyone is putting all their money and that's what would be the easiest attack.

While y'all all tripping on that, I would execute whatever diabolical plan I had already in place with all my Chinese kinfolk who are already in place to take over.

Ok this has gotten ridiculous but I think you catch my drift for the most part lmao

Here are some articles you can read for an expansion of these thoughts but before you go, think about WHAT IF??? Tell me what you think in the comments!

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ohh this a rabbit hole fa sho! 🐰🕳



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